Wonders of Masonic America

By: California Freemason

If you’ve been seeking an excuse to see the country, there’s no better time than the present. The lens of Freemasonry offers a fascinating perspective!


Alexandria, Virginia

Come for the Masonic history and incredible architecture, stay for the amazing view. Brother Harvey Wiley Corbett, the building’s architect, drew upon the Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt, one of the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World, as his inspiration.

In addition to employing many Greco-Roman architectural styles, the building includes Replica Lodge Room – duplicating the design of Alexandria Lodge No. 22’s first permanent lodge room built in 1801. Preservation of this stunning Masonic building is funded by Masons around the United States (a donation to the memorial is included in California Masons’ per capita).



Washington, District of Columbia

Located in our nation’s capital, the House of the Temple is the headquarters of the Supreme Council, 33°, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, USA. Modeled after the famous Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, in Turkey – recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – the House of the Temple has been open to the public since its 1915 construction.

Take an awe-inspiring tour of John Russell Pope’s breathtaking architecture, including the two 17-ton sphinxes that adorn the building’s entrance and the magnificent dome ceiling of the Temple Room, which soars 100 feet above the altar. You’ll also be dazzled by a good amount of Masonic memorabilia in the mini-exhibits throughout the interior.



New York City, New York

Foodies and historians unite in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, where you can take in the beautiful turn-of-the-century Masonic architecture alongside food trucks and high-end cuisine alike.

This impressive Masonic temple was built in 1873 and serves as the meeting place of the Grand Lodge of New York. Among its 15 immaculately restored event spaces are the fresco-embellished Renaissance Room and star-adorned Gothic Room. Its 14th floor houses the Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Library and Museum, which includes more than 60,000 volumes detailing Masonic history, philosophy, and symbolism.



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A visit to the City of Brotherly Love isn’t complete without a visit to the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. Considered to be one of the most beautiful Masonicbuildings in the world, the temple that houses the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania boasts stunning rooms based on themes of the ancient architectural world, including Egyptian, Moorish, and Corinthian rooms.

Constructed in 1873, it is filled with intricate ornamentation representing Masonic philosophy, symbolism, values, and history. Its museum counts among its many treasures the Masonic apron worn by United States President George Washington in the 18th century. Take a selfie with the bigger-than-life bronze statues of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin in front of the building.



Santa Fe, New Mexico

Built in 1912, this pink Moorish-style building includes a mural of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella accepting the surrender of Boabdil, the last Islamic ruler of Granada, Spain, in 1492.It was listed with the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.

You can’t miss it – its architecture and interior garden sets it apart from its surroundings. Cool down from the hot sun with a tour of the lovely Alhambra Theater and more.



Follow this simple checklist to make sure your trip is on the level.

  • Contact Member Services: Well in advance of your journey, contact Grand Lodge Member Services at (415) 292-9180 or [email protected]. Share your dates and the places you’d like to visit. Member Services will confirm that our jurisdictions share recognition, handle initial communications on your behalf, and let you know which lodge to visit (if you haven’t already researched and specified one).
  • Obtain your letter of introduction: Member Services will send an official letter of introduction to you and to the grand lodge you would like to visit.
  • Pack your current California dues card: Be prepared to display your current dues card upon arrival.
  • Pack universal attire Unless you are certain that the lodge you will visit follows casual dress, you should prepare to wear a dark suit and tie, white gloves, and apron.
  • Arrive early for the examination: Give yourself at least 30 minutes before the stated meeting to present your credentials and take the oral exam to confirm your membership (usually conducted by three brothers).
  • Follow the ritual as you know it: Although ritual can vary between jurisdictions, it’s best to follow that of your home lodge to ensure the least disturbance to your hosts. Afterwards, you can discuss any differences.

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