Trestleboard – June 2019

From the East:

Greetings my brethren! May Gray was more like May Rain, but that didn’t stop Consuelo from being an active lodge. Consuelo is a lodge with a positive atmosphere. The brothers may not always be available for it’s meeting, but the brotherhood is found at other times, and that is just as important.

It’s always special when the lodge comes together and makes us successful in our different ventures. When it comes to the brotherhood, we have our Wednesday weekly gatherings, and then we have our Saturday doughnuts, which are open to everyone who is either a brother or someone who is interested in Masonry and their families.

It makes me proud to see our brothers out and enjoying each others company.

For our stated meeting, we enjoyed the opportunity to help 2 local students work towards their goals of making a difference for the future as we awarded Albertina Martinez and John Perkins our annual Consuelo scholarships.

Our own Junior Warden, Jesse Middleton was the MC for the evening who did a fine job. (Although, I am not sure if he had that “deer in the headlights” look or not.)

And the recipient with their parents and Bro. Middleton.

Next up on our hit parade of active people either within Consuelo Lodge or part of the Masonic family are the people who are a part of the Child ID program.

These people are dedicated and deserving of all the praise they get because they earn it. Whether it’s a sunny day or a rainy one (see below), they are out there early setting up the tent, and ready to work.

Without these dedicated people, the Child ID wouldn’t be as successful.

My personal and heartfelt thanks go to:

Bro. Jeff Powell (chairman), his daughters – Kristin & Tamara, Wor. Mike Byers & Mahr Kay Byers, Bro. John Boyle, Mrs. Cathy Tipton, Mother Advisor for the Rainbow Chapter, and Sophia Barbosa from Rainbow.

And finally, let’s congratulate Bro. Jon G. Rick and his lovely wife, Brianna, on having a baby girl, Elizabeth Rose, and bringing a future Rainbow or Job’s Daughter into the Masonic family.

The lodge was going to donate $100,000 to Bro. Rick’s daughter’s college fund, but he said he didn’t want any help from the lodge in any way, no matter what… so those funds will just stay with the lodge and be used to pay our bills. (And if any brother believes that previous statement, I’ve got a bridge to sell you for $100,000.  Just seeing how many people are still reading the trestleboard this far.)

Doug Ford

From the West:

I know that many of You know about me finally getting a hip replacement, after 3 years, of 24/7 distracting pain, and that I am in recovery from the surgery. So far recovery is going well. I have been cleared to drive if I have not taken any pain medication. I hate the dulling effects of those things, so it is easy for me to dial back on them during the day and use them only if the pain distracts me from being able to sleep. As I get older, restful sleep is becoming more important as I head toward the East and consider the focus of energy that is required to serve my brethren, their widows and orphans in a completely positive way. I am committed to be an effective Master, if I am elected, and ask for your assistance to that end.

During my recovery, I am not doing the day job, which ties up a lot of time and energy. As a result, I get to go to, and participate in, the things that happen during the day that I hear about, but don’t usually get to do, like the Wednesday Daylight Coffee Jam.

This Group contains an incredible variety of skill, ability, experience and history. It is truly an incredible brain trust. I find this kind of collection interwoven with so many Masonic experiences that it should not seem that it is so unusual.

While I do not think it is unusual, I do think it is unique. That seems to be a common thread. Masonic Groups, though structured and organized, sometimes loosely, are all unique. I believe that it is the participants that make that true.  Masonry does unite men of every country, sect and opinion and causes true friendship to exist among those who might otherwise have remained at a perpetual distance.

Wednesday, at the Daylight Coffee Jam, was a full day of God things for me. Those of you that know me, have heard me refer to God things many times. For me, they are those times when I let go and truly trust that the Great Architect of the Universe will put my adventure to use and provide those things that will serve His will. His will not my will. When I sense uncertainty, I step back and give myself up. It is often scary, exciting and wondrously unpredictable.

This particular Wednesday, I had the tremendous opportunity to talk with several Brothers. One in particular, was someone who I have always found to be a wealth of knowledge, experience and insight. He has always been willing to share his incredible wealth of knowledge freely. This, again, is a common trait among Masons. We agreed to meet at a different time to discuss…things.

We met agreeably to appointment and had, I think, a great discussion that covered a wide range of topics. He gave great counsel on things that I didn’t even think to consider. I was, and am, awestruck, to say the least. We freely and openly brainstormed through several scenarios and I saw light where there was none previously.

As I drove away from hanging out with this Brother, I prayed. Answers to many questions started to congeal. Some of the things that I really wanted to happen, and do, when looked at them without the filter of my perceived need, might not serve the best interest of my Brethren. They would have been the easy way out for me but, I learned from this Brother, that there were important affects, and effects, of making some of those decisions, that needed consideration. We also discussed the idea that what is learned is not always limited to exactly what is being taught. Sometimes one will have to make decisions, that they would rather not make, in order to best serve the Brethren. Brother, You know who You are. Thank You!

I expect that, as I head toward the East, I will be calling on this Brother, as well as the Daylight Coffee Jam gents, and all my Brethren for their perspective on the many things that will be happening in the future. I trust that the Great Architect of the Universe has blessed us with a vast pool of talent and ability. I hope that You will support me, now and in 2020, to assure that the best interests of Our Brethren are served. 2020 is not “My Year”. It is Our 125th Celebration! It is Our year. Many hands will make light work. 

From the South:

Being a Leader Means Knowing Your People
A common theme continues to turn up in my experiences lately. Being the Junior Warden in Consuelo Lodge, and a Supervisor at work, I find myself in a leadership position in most things I do. This means I have to make decisions that affect other people’s lives. At work I make decisions affecting people’s days off, work assignments, and training.  At lodge, I have to make decisions with the intent of making good men better.  In both situations, it’s my duty to assure those that I am leading are being properly prepared to fill my position in the future.  The theme that continues to show up is, “Knowing Your People.”

In Masonry, we continue to throw around the motto that we take good men, and make them better. While many may argue that is what we are doing today, I ask you this, how do you make a good man better, if you don’t know him? How is a man supposed to grow, and get to know himself better if we, as leaders, are failing to provide them the experiences, or situations which are better apt to cause some self-introspect.

Know your people! As a leader, it is your job to work hand in hand with your Lodge. Just because you are their leader does not put you on a pedestal above them, it means you have accepted the responsibility of taking on a bit more for the better of the Lodge. In order to make your Lodge better, you must find out what makes each person tick. What I consider important surely is not important to everyone in the Lodge. We all have different experiences and perceptions, so when we look at the big picture, we’re all going to see something just a little different. Hence the old saying goes; a picture is worth a thousand words. What motivates me is in no way any indication of what motivates the next person. A good leader will know what motivates his people, and will keep the Lodge’s goals in sight.

Know the demographics of your people! Demographics are the statistical data relating to the population and particular groups within it. Knowing the demographics of your Lodge gives you a better understanding of the wants and needs of the group. People at different stages of life, people who live in different places, and people with dynamic family situations are all going to have differing priorities. These separate groups within your Lodge will also have different life experiences than other groups in the lodge.  It’s bridging the gap between the two groups that will help to reach the end goal.

Know how your people communicate and establish a clear line of communication. Communication is everything! Communication allows for the transfer of ideas and gives direction. Today, there are many ways to communicate from e-mail, phone applications, to a simple phone conversation. Learn how the different people in your Lodge prefer to communicate and give them the time to discuss their opinions, give them a voice, they are the Lodge, without them you are not a leader, your just a man on a walk by yourself! Listen to what they are saying, and what it is they are asking for. They are telling you why they chose to knock at the door of Masonry and not another fraternal organization. Afford them the opportunities and experiences to help them grow.

When you get to know your people, you will discover who your future leaders are. Nurture these people, they need room to grow. They will be the ones who take the Lodge into the future when you are gone. This does not mean that you forget about the others. Give this motivated Brother a leadership role within a small group in the Lodge. Give him a little more responsibility. Allow them to take on tasks and committees, try new ideas, and sometimes you have to let them stumble a little bit in order for them to learn. Know that they will need a mentor and someone to impress upon them the proper way to lead in order for them to be confident and successful. Getting to know your people assures the future leaders of the Lodge will be best prepared to carry the light into the future, giving Masonry the best odds of ever continuing to impress upon men the many moral lessons which we hope will make good men better.

Get to Know Consuelo Lodge’s Demographics:

  • 33% of Brothers live in Escondido proper (48 Brothers)
  • 18% of Brothers live in either Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Valley Center, Fallbrook, Vista, or San Marcos
  • 23% of Brothers live in Oceanside, Encinitas, San Diego proper, or Chula Vista
  • 26% live outside of San Diego County (16% live in states outside of CA)
  • There are 21 Past Master’s on the rolls as active, paying dues members of Consuelo Lodge
  • 13% of active paying dues members regularly attend a lodge degree or stated meeting (On average 30 people, 7 of which are officers.)
  • The average age of Consuelo Lodge members is 62
  • 58% of Brothers do NOT read the Trestleboard (I wonder what percent has read this far)

The stated meeting dinner will be presented by
the Order of Eastern Star.
It will be Hawaiian Chicken on the menu for the evening.

If you are interested in attending, please contact the Junior Warden
by emailing: [email protected]


  • June 8 – District 911th Picnic!  No Doughnuts on that Saturday.  Come out to the Picnic!  10 AM – 3 PM.  Games, food, and fellowship! Dixon Lake, Escondido.
  • June 10 – Stated Meeting & Dinner. Honoring our Widows.  Dinner:  Hawaiian Chicken served by OES.  For reservations, please send an email to: [email protected]
  • June 17th – Possible 1st Degree or a practice.
  • June 24 – District 911 OSI and Table Lodge Exemplification.

Third Degree Anniversary

2John Boyle
3Nathan Van Assen
4John Harms
5Kenneth St. Clair
8Guy Chandler
8Christopher Chapman
10Timothy Sheets
13Avery Crespin
15Robert Hardaway
17Steven Walker
20Stuart Morpeth
21John Kennedy
23James Lobb
32Shawn Proffitt
42Ervin Zenski
53Arlie Bergman
65Norton Locke

June Birthdays!!
 Birthday        Name
06/01        Dean Natwick
06/02        Donald Heath
06/02        Michael Johnson
06/04        Jeffrey Powell
06/06        Neil Parker
06/07        Stephen Allen
06/09        Frederick Zustak
06/10        Stanley Shoemaker
06/10        William Uhland
06/11        Steven Mc Curry
06/13        Rafael Guayasamin
06/14        Lindon Lewis
06/14        Charles Nicholls
06/18        Kevin Coughlin
06/18        Charles Mayberg
06/18        Dana Rayburn
06/28        Sherwin Aquino
06/29        James Lewis
06/29        Maxime Ouellette

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